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If You Tell...: it will kill your mother

Written by
Ardith Trudzik

Cover of If You Tell...
309 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888873705
$19.95 CA

About the Book

I am four years old. Covered with freckles. Called "Turkey-Egg" because of them. I hate it. "I can cure those freckles if you promise not to tell," whispers Granddad. The freckle cure begins. "If you tell," he whispers, "it will kill your mother." This threat, repeated many times, causes anxiety and fear that my behaviours will, somehow, kill Mummy. As abuse escalates, the need to develop another personality increases, until five people share my mind. I keep that secret for fifty years. Then, a mental burnout bursts the dam of silence. Secrets tumble out. The five personalities who share my mind find their voices.

Core of My Apple

Written by
Ardith Trudzik

Cover of Core of My Apple
306 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888873477
$19.95 CA

About the Book

This book is a sequel to Freckles: A Child´s Life. During my thirty-five year teaching career I influenced over a thousand little children. I loved it, and balanced my farm work, my community involvement, my upgrading with university courses and the raising of our three sons with my teaching job. The delightful mannerisms, behaviours and curiosity of the students became the Core of My Apple. Fred and I discovered that hardship and heartache might be overcome through kindness and support of the friends and neighbours who lived near us at Rochfort Bridge. Living on a farm in Northwestern Alberta in 1951 with my husband Fred is difficult. I´m a child-bride, timid, lacking confidence. We spend our first three winters working in lumber camps, but not until I begin to teach school do we thrive. I gradually gain confidence dealing with trusting little students; their adoration and love build my feelings of self-worth.

Freckles: A Child's Life

Written by
Ardith Trudzik

Cover of Freckles
0 pages,
$13.99 CA

458 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888873378
$19.95 CA

About the Book

"Freckles" can be fickle … you either love them or you hate them. As a child, I loathed my freckles because I was teased mercilessly about them. "Turkey Egg," the boys called me. "Turkey Egg!" I was in despair.

In this story, freckles became a metaphor for what we are born into, and how we choose the cope with difficult circumstances.

This story speaks to not only my specific experiences in a certain time and place, but to every girl´s experience in her struggle through adolescence into self understanding.
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