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The Stry-Ker Family Saga
Return to Paradise

Written by
Molly Anne Warring

Cover of Return to Paradise
406 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888873651
$19.95 CA

406 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 9780888873644
$39.95 CA

About the Book

Molly Anne Warring is the author of the best selling novel, Paradise Acres; The Stry-Ker Family Saga and Lost Paradise. Both novels were Governor General Nominees in 2005 and 2007. Return to Paradise is the last novel in the Stry-Ker Family Saga trilogy...the Paradise Series. This riveting novel starts in 1953 where Paradise Acres ends. The new colorful, intense, sensitive, kind and somewhat roguish characters emerge, including: Bohdan Barbaruk; Nurse Marilyn MacLean; Gus Kartofilous; Norma Louise Kaditz; Rob McLellan and Luc Demers of the RCMP; Sue Ellen and Ellie Sue Hatfield from Kentucky; Bishop Demitri; and father Yuri of Ukraine. These and the surviving characters from Paradise Acres and Lost Paradise make this story one you won´t want to stop reading! Franki Stry-Ker upholds his Ukrainian traditions. He continues his workaholic ways while Sandi tries to fit in but resents the unreasonable goals which he´s set for himself. Almost until the end, Franki wonders why life is treating him unfairly until he finds the true meaning of life. Nicky and Susan Stry-Ker, the children of Franki and Sandi, struggle with their complicated lives. A most unlikely source witnesses a grisly scene which affects almost everyone in the novel. There are as many twists and hair-pin turns in this novel as there are in a mountainous road and a mountain road plays a major role in this story. Betrayal and loss of trust also play significant roles in the character´s lives. Many of the remaining mysteries are solved before the novel ends.

Lost Paradise

Written by
Molly Anne Warring

Cover of Lost Paradise
520 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888873224
$19.95 CA

520 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 9780888873231
$39.95 CA

About the Book

Molly Anne Warring's riveting saga of the Stry-Ker family continues in "Lost Paradise". This historical novel tells a timeless tale of how human greed can destroy a family for generations, but also how the intertwining lives of ordinary people result in murder, mystery, lust, and most importantly, love. Set in western Canada, Lost Paradise spans the period from 1931 to 1976, and encompasses not only the everyday lives of everyday people, but also the effects of world events on past and future generations. This heartwarming tale reveals the richness of human nature and the never-ending strength of the human spirit which survives in all of us and weaves through generation after generation in the tapestry of life. The main characters include: Emily Pushinsky; Angela Tassky; Moe Chadi and his father, Ali; Helenka, Joseph, Olana and Stefka Pushinsky; Father Bill; Dr. Tatonga, the native doctor; Dr. Owler, the psychiatrist; Mike Murphy, the Bostonian; Frank Saccomanno; Oscar Lacombe; Mitchell Penarsky and Vito Pantaloni.

Paradise Acres: the Stry-Ker family saga

Written by
Molly Anne Warring

Cover of Paradise Acres
520 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888873088
$19.95 CA

520 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 9780888873125
$19.95 CA

About the Book

This work of historical fiction begins in 1903 in Sosnitcha, a remote small village in the Empire of the Hapsburgs in Austria. The main protagonists are Evan and Tainka Stracher. However, when they decide to immigrate to Canada, the various train and shipping agents as well as the Canadian Immigration officials changed their name to "The Stry-Kers." Paradise Acres: the Stry-Ker Family Saga highlights the adventures and hardships of Evan and Tainka in the pioneering days on the Canadian prairies. It shows how their faith in God helped them cope with the severe conditions of their new land and helped them endure bitter experiences. It also reveals some of the Ukrainian traditions they brought with them into the new land. These traditions, well contained in their former village in Austria are shaken by unusual relationships, by unsavoury neighbours, by medicine women, and by midwives. Paradise Acres: the Stry-Ker Family Saga is set generally in Shady Hollow and particularly in Edmonton, Alberta. However, the story reaches as far as Kentucky and Europe during the Second World War. It tells an intriguing tale about moonshine stills from Prohibition to the Second World War, the cottage industry of raising Clydesdales and race horses, and the discovery of oil in Alberta and its effects on families. This novel is heart-warming and suspenseful and absorbs the reader in the joys, sorrows, and challenges of an exceptional pioneer family, the Stry-Kers.
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