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Aussie Six
Aussie Six in Australia

Written by
Paul Zann

Cover of Aussie Six in Australia
108 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888872234
$15.95 CA

About the Book

   This novel is the second in The Aussie Six series. Kitty Kangaroo, Cuddles the Koala, Polly Platypus, Jack Kookaburra, Emma Emu, Spiny Ant-Eater and Donnie Dingo are back home. Their Canadian animal friends have been captured by a cruel Australian circus owner. The Aussie Six help them escape. The friends are now on the run from the Owner and his evil henchman Gustave. Crafty Crocodile, Shubert Shark, Wendy Wombat, Cocky Cockatoo and Wally Wallaby help them during their flight. But will their pursuers catch them?
   Young readers, and their parents, will learn much about Australia´s unusual animals in this exciting story.
   Also available is the first book in the series, The Aussie Six in Canada.

Aussie Six in Canada

Written by
Paul Zann

Cover of Aussie Six in Canada
93 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888872289
$15.95 CA

About the Book

The Aussie Six, seven (!) animals — Kitty Kangaroo, Cuddles the Koala, Polly the Platypus, Jack Kookaburra, Emma Emu, Spiny Ant-eater, and Donnie Dingo — are forced to leave a fiery summer day in Australia and drift on a yacht to wintery Canada. Paul Zann´s novel tells how the animals learn to cooperate and respect each other.
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