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Who Cares Now

Written by
Lew Duddridge

Cover of Who Cares Now

510 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888872494
$24.95 CA

This book is in stock and ships within 48 hours of receipt of order.

About the Book An eighty-two year old man explores his life and the lives of his Royal Canadian Airforce friends of World War Two. Eleven Aircrew friends from his little hometown of Hanley Saskatchewan made the supreme sacrifice. The author wonders "Who Cares Now?" Chapter One - Who Cares Now touches on a number of reasons why we should be a caring Nation. The sacrifices made by the Aircrew of R.C.A.F. 405 Pathfinder squadron, complete with names and circumstances, begs the question of caring. Chapter Two - Ray and Lew, Comrades at Arms. The life story of the authors closest friend, Flying Officer Ray Burgess, and how his life and death impacted on Lew. Chapter Three - My Brother was a Hero. The Author´s only brother flew Spitfire fighter aircraft in Egypt, Italy and France. Sibling rivalry is a fact of life when one brother flies Lancaster Bombers, and the other Spitfire Fighters. Chapter Four - Flashback. The Author relies on assisted recall to uncover the highlights and lowlights of 82 years of living. Chapter Five - Chetwin Hamre Popplewell. This chapter is made possible by the research done by Chet´s cousin Brent Hamre. Brent uncovers every detail of Chet´s training and the missions he flew. The research was so complete that it led to the German pilot who shot Chet down. Chet was the pilot of the Halifax bomber that became the 46th allied aircraft shot down by Major Egmond zur Lippe Weissenfeld. Major zur Lippe ran his total to 51 of our aircraft shot down before he died in March 1944. Chapter Six - Sixty Years Flying and Still Going Strong. This chapter could be expanded to a book of it´s own. The incidents that go with flying both fixed wing and helicopters for 60 years are described here. Eight hundred of those hours were out of British bases in World War Two. Chapter Seven - Hilda. Meeting a beautiful Welsh girl in the middle of a German air raid in the middle of World War Two and marrying her six months later, is told as Lew sees it. Chapter Eight - Lewis. What did the Author expect of life? Time marches on and Lew attempts to keep up with it.

About the Author Lew Duddridge
Lew Duddridge (1918- ) grew up during tumultuous times and imparted his life's experiences in books. Having lived through the drought-stricken 1930s of rural Saskatchewan, he stressed the powers of positive thinking in "The Best of 70 Years of My Life -- It's All Downhill from Here Canada" (1988), and elaborated on his Second World War experiences as a pilot in "Who Cares Now" (2001, Borealis). Duddridge became a businessman and community leader in later life.

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