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Lilac Tree and Other Poems

Written by
Frank M. Tierney

Cover of Lilac Tree and Other Poems

64 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888878816
$14.95 CA

This book is in stock and ships within 48 hours of receipt of order.

About the Book It´s Something
How many times have we
walked across that narrow wooden bridge
made for cows
and wagons weighed with hay
to cross our running creek;
a bridge for a boy to sit,
legs dangling,
watching minnows
darting in the sun;
a bridge
I´d never thought to ask
"Who´d built?"
thinking it was always there
like trees, and hills, and running streams.
But often now
I think about
the comfort of his bridge
and quietly thank him,
him long dead.
It´s something to build a bridge,
it´s something.
Copyright © by Borealis Press Ltd. and Frank M. Tierney, 1988 - 2001.

About the Author Frank M. Tierney
Frank M. Tierney (1930- ) was born in Ottawa in the area now occupied by the University of Ottawa Campus. Borealis Press has published seven books of his poetry: "Come Climb A Mountain" (1970), "The Birch" (1971), "Beams of Love" (1972), "FireCloud" (1972), "The Way it Stands" (1974), "The Lilac Tree" (1988), and "The Old Gold Woman" (2000). He has also written seven children's stories in his Silly Sally series, numerous scholarly articles, and books about Canadian and British authors.

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