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Hidden / Cache

Written by
Munira Judith Avinger

Cover of Hidden / Cache
Click image for larger view of cover.

338 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888872852
$15.95 CA

This book is in stock and ships within 48 hours of receipt of order.

About the Book       Munira Judith Avinger lives in the country in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. She enjoys going out into the world to give poetry readings, teach writing workshops and lead the Dances of Universal Peace. The time she values the most, however, is spent wandering through the forest, watching the buds open in the spring and the leaves fall in the autumn or sitting by the window in the winter meditating on the moonlight shining through the icicles hanging from the roof of her cabin.
      Munira Judith Avinger habite à la campagne en Estrie, au Québec. Elle aime donner des lectures publiques de sa poésie, enseigner des ateliers dÕécriture et animer les Danses de la Paix Universelle. Toutefois, elle apprécie le plus se promener dans la forêt, observant les bourgeons sÕouvrir au printemps et les feuilles tomber en automne ou sÕasseoir près de la fenêtre en hiver méditant à la lumière de la lune à travers les glaçons qui pendent du toit de sa cabane.
      Hédi Mizouni is a yoga teacher and a Sufi initiate. His adventure with poetry began when he translated MuniraÕs first book, The Empty Bowl/Le Bol Vide. The act of translation became for him a voyage to the temple of spiritual love. Hédi is interested in mysticism and is working toward an integrated approach to spirituality. He has found resonance to such an approach in MuniraÕs poetry.
      Hédi Mizouni est professeur du yoga et initié soufi. Son aventure avec la poésie a commencé avec la traduction du premier livre de Munira, The Empty Bowl, Le Bol Vide. Le processus de traduction est devenu pour lui une incursion dans le temple de lÕamour spirituel. Hédi sÕintéresse au mysticisme et il aspire à une approche intégrée à la spiritualité. Il a trouvé une résonance de cette approche dans la poésie de Munira.

back cover of Hidden / Cache
Click image for larger view of backcover.

About the Author Munira Judith Avinger
Munira Judith Avinger (1941- ) is a poet and author who lives in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. She has several books of poetry and one novel to her credit. Borealis Press has recently released two of her books: "Hidden/Caché" and "Julia." She leaves her country home to give poetry readings, teach writing workshops, and lead dances of universal peace. She finds inspiration in watching the seasons change from her forest cabin and in listening to music and meditating.

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